dDNS Broker SE License Offers

Annual License Price

The annual license is priced at $4.99 in USA. Please refer to the localized prices displayed in the In-App Purchase function dialogs for prices in your country. This is also the "auto renewal price".

You may be eligible for one of the two offers we have described below.

30-days Free Trial

All new customers are eligible for the 30-days free trial. Eligibility for this one-time offer is automatically discovered and considered in the In-App Purchase function dialogs. If you do not cancel your license within the trial period, your license will be automatically renewed at the regular annual license price.

Note that the existing dDNS Broker v2.9 customers will not receive this offer. Instead, they will be offered the promotional offer described below.

Limited Time Upgrade Offer

WARNING: The current version (v1.0.5) of the application has a defect in granting 80% discount to eligible users. If you want to take advantage of this offer, please wait until this defect is fixed in a few weeks. The next update of this application is expected to be released by mid-October 2021.

Current dDNS Broker v2.9 customers will receive 80% discount on their first annual license. Eligibility for this offer is automatically determined and the offer is displayed in the In-App Purchase function dialogs.

This one-time offer is valid until June 30th, 2022. Eligibility is defined as existance of a running dDNS Broker v2.9 application. Customers with versions earlier than v2.9 will be alerted to update to v2.9 to be eligible for this offer.

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