Managing Configuration Updates

configuration updates
dDNS Broker updates and maintains the dynamic DNS providers database through the "Configuration Update" process. When an configuration update is ready for distribution, it is made available through the internet. dDNS Broker periodically checks for availability of configuration updates. This process is controlled by the "Configuration Updates:" group in the "Settings..." window.

The default "Configuration Update Options:" settings are depicted in the figure above. You can adjust the rate dDNS Broker checks for availability of configuration updates. Once a configuration update is available, you have the option of installing automatically, and to be notified about its availability.

configuration dialog
The screen shot at left depicts a sample "Available Updates" dialog. This dialog can be made visible by selecting the "View" button on a "Configuration Update Available" notification, or by selecting the "Configuration Updates..." menu item in the status bar menu. Once the "Available Updates" dialog is visible, you can view the release notes of an available update by simply selecting that configuration update in the table.

You have the option to skip, install, or do nothing about a specific configuration update. However, once an update is skipped (or installed), other updates that predate the skipped (or installed) update will not be available anymore. We recommend to install all updates in their chronological order.

Once a configuration update is installed, it takes effect immediately. There is no need to restart the application.