Same App With a New Name

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The "IP Monitor" application is now called "dDNS Broker". It is the same ultimate dynamic DNS update client for Mac. Well, almost! The dDNS Broker v2.5 has many improvements over IP Monitor v2.4. Please refer to the Notices section below for summary of improvements.

Our application icon has changed as well. Actually, we retained the graphic design, but simply changed the color scheme.

dDNS Broker Application

dDNS Broker v2.5 is the ultimate dynamic DNS update client for Mac.

dDNS Broker works with more than 40 popular DDNS service providers, and can monitor public IPv4 and IPv6 address changes across multiple network interfaces. Since dDNS Broker can distinguish between separate networks, it works without interruption should your server ever be on the move, either physically or virtually. Also, dDNS Broker always detects your systems IPv4 address correctly - even when it is behind a transparent proxy.

From the straightforward slider switch to the color-coded tables listing active networks and their preferences, dDNS Broker’s user interface was built for intuitive usage. The user interface’s dialogue dynamically adapts to each service provider’s features and terminology, while info buttons provide guidance at each step. And, if something doesn’t go as expected, simply consult the service provider-specific diagnostic report offered with each query and update attempt. Meanwhile, sensitive information, like passwords, are saved only in your system’s keychain.

Upon each login, dDNS Broker will start running in the background, only alerting you, should you choose, to IP address changes, dynamic DNS record updates, and changes in active network interfaces—out of sight, but always keeping you up to date.


  • dDNS Broker v2.5 is available (April 9, 2017) dDNS Broker v2.5 is released and it is available from Apple Mac App Stores all around the world. Below is the summary of improvements over IP Monitor v2.4:
    • Changed the application name to "dDNS Broker" and the icon color to blue
    • Each network's IPv4 and IPv6 interfaces are monitored independently now
    • New proprietary system analysis allows for robust third-party VPN client support
    • Proper encoding of URL fields support use of special characters (i.e. passwords)
    • Addition of explicit VoiceOver support enables intuitive navigation experience
    • Revised service record dialog window for further ease of use
    • Much improved error checking and exception resiliency
    • Countless small tweaks and improvements over v2.4