What Happened to dDNS Broker?

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Our flagship product dDNS Broker was written in Apple's Objective-C language. This application, to perform some of its functions, utilized a few Object-C based libraries developed by other developers. However, with the introduction of the modern Swift programming language, the Apple developer community started to transition to Swift. At some point, some developers stopped maintaining their Objective-C based libraries. As a result, the dDNS Broker application became not maintainable.

Introducing dDNS Broker SE

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We decided to support our user community with a new dynamic DNS update client application written completely in Swift language and improve the user interface during this process. This application, named dDNS Broker SE, is released to Mac App Stores around the world on September 17, 2021. Please note that, this is not an update to dDNS Broker, but a brand new application.

Purchasing dDNS Broker SE

The application itself is free, but requires a valid "license" to perform certain functions. Annual license can be purchased using the In-App Purchase function.

Please visit this page for details of annual license purchase price, and offers available for our customers.

About dDNS Broker SE

Like its predecessor, dDNS Broker SE works with about 50 popular dynamic DNS service providers, and can monitor public IPv4 and IPv6 address changes across multiple network interfaces. Since dDNS Broker SE can distinguish between separate networks, it works without interruption should your server ever be on the move, either physically or virtually. Also, dDNS Broker SE always detects your IPv4 address accurately - even when your system is behind a transparent proxy.

dDNS Broker SE's user interface was built for intuitive usage. The user interface’s dialog dynamically adapts to each service provider’s features and terminology, while info buttons provide guidance at each step. And, if something doesn’t go as expected, simply consult the service provider-specific diagnostic report offered with each query and update attempt. Meanwhile, sensitive information, like passwords, are saved only in your system’s keychain.

Upon each login, dDNS Broker SE can start running in the background, only alerting you, should you choose, to IP address changes, dynamic DNS record updates, and changes in active network interfaces—out of sight, but always keeping you up to date.

Supported dynamic DNS providers: ChangeIP, CloudFlare, ClouDNS, DNS-O-Matic, DNS2Go, DNSEver, DNSExit, DNShome, DNSMadeEasy, DNSZi, DreamHost, DuckDNS, duiaDNS, DynDNS, DynDNS.it, DynDNS.berlin, DYNU, Dynv6, EasyDNS, Enom.com, EntryDNS, FreeDNS.Afraid.org, GoDaddy, Google Domains, Hover.com, Hurricane Electric, Joker, LaView, Loopia, MyDNS.jp, MyOnlinePortal, NameCheap, No-IP, Now-DNS, OpenDNS, OVH, Pair Domains, RimuHosting, selfHOST.de, Sitelutions, Sonic, spDYN.de, TwoDNS, YDNS.io, ZoneEdit, and Zonomi.

You can also use two new Generic Providers to support most dynamic DNS providers. If you do not have technical skills to configure these generic providers, don't worry, send us a note and we will help you.

We regularly add support for other dynamic DNS providers and IPv6 Tunnel Brokers. Please refer to our support site for an up to date list.


  • dDNS Broker SE v1.4 is available (November 19th, 2022)
    dDNS Broker SE v1.4 is released and it is available from Apple Mac App Stores all around the world. This update:
    • Introduces a new, "phonebook for internet" themed application icon
    • Supports up to 10 email addresses for email notifications
    • Improves management of notifications
    • Fixes some defects and improves stability