dDNS Broker SE License Offers

Annual License Price

The annual license is priced at $4.99 in the US. For other countries, please refer to the localized prices displayed in the In-App Purchase function dialogs.

This is also the automatic renewal price.

Additionally, you may be eligible for one of the two offers described below.

30-Day Free-Trial Offer:

All new dDNS Broker SE customers are eligible for a 30-day free-trial offer. Eligibility for this one-time offer is automatically discovered and considered in the In-App Purchase function dialogs. If you do not cancel your license before the end of the trial period, it will be automatically renewed at the regular annual price.

Please note that dDNS Broker v2.9 customers can take advantage of this offer, as well. However, if they do, they will not be eligible for the Upgrade License offer - the details of this limited time offer are below.

Upgrade License Offer:

Our legacy dynamic DNS update client, dDNS Broker v2.9, was written in Objective-C language, but the Apple developer community has started to transition to Swift, Apple's new, modern programming language. A side-effect of this transition, coupled with Apple's never-ending improvements to its operating system's application programming interfaces (APIs), is that third party libraries used by many applications, including the dDNS Broker v2.9, became unmaintainable. We developed dDNS Broker SE as an alternative to our legacy application, and we would like to migrate all of our dDNS Broker v2.9 customers to our new application in the next six months or so.

To manage that migration process in an equitable way for our current dDNS Broker v2.9 customers, we are offering an 80% discount on the upgrade license for the first year. This offer is available through June 2022. To be eligible, you need to prove ownership of the dDNS Broker v2.9 application by simply running it on your system while purchasing your very first license for dDNS Broker SE application. Please note that, to take advantage of this offer, our customers must be running v2.9 of our legacy application. If you have an older version, say v2.7, you will first have to update that to v2.9 from the Mac App Store. To facilitate this update path, we will keep the dDNS Broker v2.9 available for sale through at least June 2022.

We're also planning a significant price increase to dDNS Broker v2.9 in the next couple of months, simply to encourage timely migration to dDNS Broker SE

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